Prisma is a unified retail planning platform

Combines AI and Business Rules to optimize revenues and margins in Retailers

The solution

The Solution

In Retail, there is a massive gap between data analysis and decision-making. Prisma is a Unified Retail Planning platform that analyzes, predicts, and suggests actions enabling retailers to increase profits.

How it Works

Prisma covers the key variables of your business optimizing: Pricing, Promotions, Assortment, Exhibition & Supply in one single platform across all channels

A Unified Retail Planning platform, all retail variables working together

Capture Data

Capture internal and external data

Process data

Process data (clean, detect anomalies & enrich)

Suggests actions

Prisma suggests actions

Accept suggestions

Accept or decline suggestions

Measure KPIs

Measure KPIs & validate hypothesis

Element Our mission
Our mission

Our Mission

Empower every retailer on the planet by enabling them to make better decisions and get more value out of their business data.

Our founders

Lucas Gorganchian

Cofounder & CEO

Serial Tech Entrepreneur (Founded 6 companies)
22+ years providing software to large enterprises


Damian Barletta

Cofounder & CTO

12+ years of experience as a software developer
Led Development Teams in 3 companies

Systems Engineer at University of Moron

Prisma Leadership Team


Agustín Capobianco

Head of Product


Gonzalo Fernandez

Head of Sales


Martín Contini

Head of Customer Success


Diego Bamonte

Head of Marketing


Agustín Dambrosio

Head of Finance

M Laura

M Laura Fossa

Lead of People


Micaela Kulesz

Lead of Data Scientist


Jorge Hansen


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