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Con el comienzo de la cuarentena sobrevinieron importantes cambios de hábitos en el comportamiento del consumidor. La principal tendencia observable, es la manera en que el comercio online fue ganando terreno por sobre las tiendas físicas.


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Fights, despair, anxiety, and many other emotions are being exposed in retail stores nowadays. We all have seen images and videos of consumers stocking (or stalking?) toilet paper and other goods in most countries hit by the COVID-19, suggesting the apocalypse of basic goods. Some people are horrified by the scenes. However, far from surprising, this is the expected behavior predicted by classic economic theory.


Price Perceptions, Consumer Choices and the Compromise Effect

António Damásio, in his book “Descartes' Error,” states that emotions both guide and bias behavior and decision-making. One of the examples he uses is called the Compromise Effect, a behavioral phenomenon by which customers often choose the mid-priced option to protect themselves from making a bad choice.


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